A collection of favorites!


It's the way the groom can't control his tears at the first sight of his beloved. It's the way mom looks at her daughter with glistening eyes remembering the little girl in pig tails and the sheepish smile as she came in the house, boots caked with mud. And its the beautiful excitement of all the day holds--the start of forever, together.

I rarely make it through a wedding without a year shed from all the beauty that it holds.


I look though the lens as a mother. I see the moments in our everyday that pass without a physical remembrance. These moments, as you know, pass because you're usually the one holding the camera. But I see it, and I got you. I see the way you gently move your daughter's hair from her face. The glisten in your eye as I tell all the kids to go hug mommy. The way you embrace your husband amidst the chaos of this life. The way you beam with pride when I get all the kids together for a picture. The way your baby folds perfectly into the crevice of your neck and collarbone. And the way you play.

I see it all--and I love capturing these small moments for you.


You're so beautiful, and I love showing you that! It is so much fun to celebrate you, and all you've accomplished in life!! And to hear about the future too!

Y'all keep me young and remind me, in all the best ways, that I'm not a teenager anymore, hehe!