Why your business needs your face!

September 30, 2023 Business, How to's

I am coming at you with my top FIVE reasons you need to be a part of your business brand!

  1. You are the only unique thing about your business. So what sets you apart from competitors or others who make, do, or create similar things as you? YOU. Plain and simple. People love knowing WHO they are buying from--you're the unique thing
  2. You need updated photos of yourself. You don't want to meet up with a client and have them not recognize you because your hair is no longer pink or you jumped from 1 to 4 kids, etc--of course it depends on what kind of business you run, but either way, it needs to represent the present YOU.
  3. Any social media platform and websites always have an about me section. In fact, Jenna Kutcher says you should have a photos of yourself on your business Instagram in the first 9 squares at all times. (you need variety!) So when someone new comes along, its not hard to find out who this person is. And again, updated, non-phone selfie photos are preferred!
  4. Why professional photos? Because it shows you CARE. and if you care about yourself, your first impression--you most likely care about your business too. Poor marketing, visually of any kind, can leave impressions of sloppy, uninterested, and unsuccessful endeavors. (oh course there are outliers in this.) And of course this isn't you and you like many may struggle with putting yourself out there, (myself included) but it's SO WORTH it. Both for engagement and profit.
  5. Perhaps this isn't a tip--but a point to go along with the aforementioned items: good quality product photos SELL. Maybe combine them? You WITH what you create? That's why I love encouraging headshots to be more than just your face--bring items that represent YOU and your business! 

Here are a few examples of my recent work!

Studio headshots are a great , quick and easy way to get new updated photos!! But if you have more time, a session in your element has incredible value!!