December 18, 2023

2023 all wrapped up!

And just like that, the year is almost over!

How does that happen so fast?

It's wild to think that I've been doing this for almost 10 years! What! Sure, it shows in my wrinkles but overall the time has flown. I love looking back and seeing the growth of Lana Jenae Photography right along side my life and family's. The focus from year to year shifts--ebbs and flows just like the river of life and I've just learned to lean into it and let it flow naturally. I'm so honored to have many clients that have been on this journey with me for years and I can't wait to see what the new year holds.

A few highlights from this business year:

  1. Witnessing another birth! I don't advertise being a birth photographer, as I can't commit 100% with the little kids (and hubby's schedule!) I have BUT when the stars align--I just sob my way through the incredible, magical moments of labor and delivery.
  2. FARM FAMILIES! Something my heart has been wanting to get into specifically and this year I got to photograph a number of them!! On their own property, the day to day jobs, the conversations (I'm a farm girl at heart), the hardworking beauty--all of it! And I want more!!
  3. Extended families! I got to shoot quite a few of these this year and I think they are underrated! Seeing the family bonds and love through multiple generations AND forever captured on camera is a beautiful honor!
  4. Weddings! I don't do very many anymore but I still LOVE them and enjoy the wedding days so so much!

Wishing you all a happy holiday and a blessed new year!