Family Camp 2015!

Welcome to a rather non-sneaky sneak peak of our family’s annual Family Camp weekend! This place is also called “Austin Land of Dreams” because its located near the small farming town of Austin MB – or otherwise known as the wilderness. haha 🙂

Here we gather with no electricity, running water, hauling in camping trailers (if the dirt road allows), sleeping in tents, cuddled in cabins, playing non-stop with cousins for over 100 hours, hauling dead trees, building a bonfire on steroids, quading through the mud, no make up faces, dirt everywhere, meals made over the fire, the list goes on!… its a highlight every year, and it never gets old!

My grandparents own the 160 acres of land just for the family to use and have been adding cabins to a part of the land we call Oak Ridge for a few summers now – things are constantly changing and my grandparents, especially grandpa have put hours upon hours into prepping and mowing the area for all of us to use. This year I counted 87 of us… (11 were unable to make it). I just realized how close to 100 we are. Woah! I just so happen to be the oldest grandchild and help mess up the distinction between the generations…:)

This year was extra special because we still had our grandparents here with us. It was a rough year in the family with coming very very close to loosing both of them so we were all full of praise and thanks to our God for being merciful and blessing us with them for a while longer. What a treasure this time was!

Sooo…. is posting over 200 pictures ridiculous? haha


IMG_0951IMG_0946IMG_0956IMG_0958IMG_0971IMG_0980IMG_0987IMG_0991IMG_0993IMG_0994IMG_1048IMG_1003IMG_1014IMG_1029IMG_1034IMG_1039IMG_1049IMG_1056IMG_1076IMG_1083IMG_1051IMG_1086 copyIMG_1100IMG_1133IMG_1135

After an incredibly hot and muggy day, the camp was awaken by the loudest brightest craziest thunder storm I have experienced in a long time… all the tenters were rescued by truck and put into the cabins and trailers for warmth and shelter and while all this was going on, little Rowen slept through the whole thing without making a peep… then once everyone was snuggled in and asleep she decided it was time to wake up every hour… :/


Day two:




Day three:


Day Four:







While the big people made the big bonfire, the little ones build little bonfires! They were so proud of their work and so excited to light them on fire!


IMG_2079IMG_2083IMG_2089IMG_2090IMG_2115IMG_2119IMG_2113Day five:


Until next time!


Melanie Beilner - 09/10/2015 - 9:05 pm

Loved seeing your family camp. so sweet! family memories are important.

Rosie - 09/14/2015 - 10:16 am

These are wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Trever & Samantha’s Wedding! {Part two}

If you missed the first part you can see it HERE!


I LOVED the decor for the reception! Samantha’s mom took the time to thrift and scavenge for all the one-of-a-kind candle sticks and vases and grew many different kinds of succulents. As party favors, all the guests were able to take the table pieces home! Loved that idea! She did such an amazing job!

IMG_2312IMG_2314IMG_3124IMG_3104IMG_3121IMG_2388 copy


 The ceremony was unlike any I have ever been to. Abby, Samantha’s sister chose to be the minister instead of being the maid-of-honor and she did a phenomenal job. She definitely had to choke back the tears, but lets face it, most of us did. Then when Samantha and Trever said their vows to Taylor everyone cried again. Gosh, it was so sweet!



 And lastly, the reception! So fun!! (I was seriously missing my awesome hubby/dance-partner =D)
IMG_2607IMG_2626IMG_2659IMG_2664IMG_2665IMG_2701IMG_2731IMG_2715IMG_2733IMG_2668IMG_2743IMG_2747IMG_2807IMG_2823IMG_2881IMG_2880IMG_2915IMG_3027IMG_2753IMG_2754IMG_2921IMG_2688IMG_3006IMG_2983IMG_2954IMG_3037IMG_3033IMG_3047 1IMG_3102 1IMG_3148 1IMG_3139 1IMG_3143 1

IMG_3144 1

IMG_3149 1Venue – Blackwell Hotel // Hair – The Hairdresser // Flowers – Hansen’s Floral // DJ – Complete Music Video // Caterer – Satay // Rentals – Event Rentals Spokane // Deserts – Pastry and More // Violinests – Terry & Gerald Fairchild // Bridal gown – Anthropology Bridal // Make up – Laura // Decor – DYI (by mother of the bride)