The Good Family

the Goods 030

While my husband and I lived in California we had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family! Mr. Good, or as we ended up calling him, Uncle Roger,  taught some of the classes at the bible school we attended and through trips and dinners and nights spent in their home they grew very dear to our hearts! Even this past summer when I underwent my second ACL surgery I had the privilege to spend ~3 weeks under their care and encouragement while hubby had to leave and take care of a few things in Washington. I felt right and home and I am so thankful for them! They are a beautiful family inside and out!

So we spent a wonderful hazy evening on the sand and in and out of the caves dipping our toes in the pacific waters along the beach in southern California (I can’t remember the name! sorry!) So much laughter and smiles! And we enjoyed some yummy pizza afterwards!

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