Five Sisters

These are my crazy cousins! I love these gals, they’re pretty much my sisters and there is never a dull moment with them! Jewel, Chyanne, Ellery, Charity, and Alayah – you are s000 loved!
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Jewel - 02/24/2014 - 10:49 pm

You make us look fabulous! Great job Cor! Love them and love you!!

Jess & Vivi

This goes all the way back to last summer when we still lived in California! It was so dreamy and the warm sun was oh so pleasant! While in bible school I got to spend a good amount of time with Jess – whether baking at her house (she’s an amazing baker!), going out for boba or frozen yogurt, I always enjoyed my time with her! She’s a ray of sunshine with an amazing voice and plays the guitar too! Love her!

On this day I was not even 3 weeks out of surgery and I got to visit her and we planned this lovely shoot! I’d been wanting to do it for a looong time! Vivi lives with Jess and both of them were up for a little photo excursion and off we went! The light was perfect and the heat of southern California felt so nice! (*sigh* I would love some of that now!) Here are some of my favs from that day!

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Renae - 02/21/2014 - 12:09 pm

Looks like a fun shoot! And it looks so WARM!!!!


I am so excited about these two! There wedding is coming up in a few weeks and I’m really looking forward to shooting it! They are so sweet and so in looove ! They are the kind of couple that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! They are both bikers and race on the same team so when I found out that we could get our hands on a tandem bike, of course we had to incorporate it into the shoot! They even let me have a ride on it at the end! haha, it was so cool! I am excited that they will be living here in Bellingham after their wedding and I look forward to see more of them!A&K 314A&K 313A&K 068A&K 308A&K 265A&K 352A&K 354A&K 356bA&K 358A&K 365A&K 372A&K 382bA&K 405

Renae - 02/03/2014 - 7:07 pm

Love this shoot! So fun… especially love the ones with that cute tandem bike!

[…] See their engagement shoot HERE. […]

Del Castillo Family

This past autumn, on a warmer evening I met up with my sister-in-law and her family at this awesome farm, Bellewood Acres! They have rows of apple trees, huge pumpkin patches and all sort of vegetables and fruit for the picking! They even make amazing apple cider! So we strolled through the apple acreage, laughing and chasing the kiddos! The apples there are HUGE and they tasted so gooood! There were no empty stomachs at the end of this shoot!
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Much love!



The Good Family

the Goods 030

While my husband and I lived in California we had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family! Mr. Good, or as we ended up calling him, Uncle Roger,  taught some of the classes at the bible school we attended and through trips and dinners and nights spent in their home they grew very dear to our hearts! Even this past summer when I underwent my second ACL surgery I had the privilege to spend ~3 weeks under their care and encouragement while hubby had to leave and take care of a few things in Washington. I felt right and home and I am so thankful for them! They are a beautiful family inside and out!

So we spent a wonderful hazy evening on the sand and in and out of the caves dipping our toes in the pacific waters along the beach in southern California (I can’t remember the name! sorry!) So much laughter and smiles! And we enjoyed some yummy pizza afterwards!

the Goods 131b

the Goods 018bthe Goods 121bthe Goods 053bbthe Goods 189bthe Goods 063bthe Goods 091the Goods 097the Goods 099bthe Goods 126bthe Goods 125bthe Goods 159bthe Goods 135bthe Goods 191bthe Goods 165bthe Goods 203the Goods 243the Goods 255the Goods 277And here’s a little behind the scenes of myself and my HUGE brace:) this was like 2-3 weeks post surgery:)8.14.13 1768.14.13 175