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Hi! I’m Corlana, the gal behind Lana Jenae Photography! I am a born and raised Canadian prairie girl that now lives in the beautiful state of Washington (more specifically Spokane, but I don’t like to limit myself or you with location :).)

My loving and supportive husband and I welcomed our second babe at the beginning of this year and we are loving our new family of four!!

Throughout the past 8 years I dabbled in photography but in early 2014 I took the official plunge! It’s been a great experience so far and I love all that I’ve been able to do with and through my photography business.

Here are a few more facts about me:

– I grew up surrounded by a large creative family whom I love and miss dearly. I’ve learned so much from them and we have hundreds of memories intertwined within each others’ families. Each one of them is such a blessing to me and my own little growing family.

– I love that I was raised in the country — playing in the woods, raising chickens, gardening, canoeing, and jumping off barn roofs into piles of snow–the list of adventures goes on. I’m now eagerly awaiting the time when we return to the wide open spaces to raise our babies alongside all the animals and gardens we hope to have. Patience is key!

– I love the outdoors – hiking, walks, sports, water, you name it. The things that gets me? It’s the light–light that streams through the fog in the middle of the forest, the light that glistens off the lake or the sun shining through the mountains. It invigorates my soul.

– I’m in love with Jesus and daily seek to see His creation through His eyes. He’s the one who knows me best and I treasure my relationship with Him to the uttermost.

– I love photographing people. I really enjoy being able to catch laughter, bouncing curls, a genuine smile, or the interaction between two in love. From those sessions I walk away happy, sometimes even giddy 🙂

If you have any questions or want to get to know me better, drop me a line and we’ll chat!

Thanks for stopping by!

 (All the above photos where taken by my sister-aunt and mentor Rosie Haberl from Simply Rosie Photography)

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