2016 – A Year in Review

We snuck out for a few pictures in the winter wonderland that is eastern Washington the other day. What a year 2016 has been… I hardly know where to begin!

  • I’ve been pregnant for the majority of the year (haha) so my growth in life has come literally as much as it has figuratively. The little peanut inside is more active than her/his sister – jabbing me with much more painful kicks and punches and it hasn’t slowed down at all. Makes me a little nervous to think of what kind of rambunctious little one we will have on our hands in a few weeks. (praying for sleep!)
  • Seeing all the growing my little Rowen has done in this year is astounding. They change SO MUCH – and SO FAST. I can hardly keep up! Especially now, nearing my due date – it is rather challenging.. she can run really fast! haha:) She’s pretty much talking in full sentences, singing songs and dancing her little tooshie off whenever she gets the feeling. She’s such a character and a half and we enjoy her so much! (except when she’s suuuuper clingy… 😉
  • We also bought our first home the year which is an ever changing and on going process of renovations and deeper roots and on going memories.
  • My husband finished nursing school. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. In all our marriage of 6.5 years one of us has been in school the entire time. We don’t even know how to be adults yet, haha. He’s been such a trooper and worked his butt off for us and we couldn’t be more thankful or appreciative of him. His new nurse job is already lined up (his start date is literally my due date…yikes!) and we can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring with a consistent schedule, no night shifts, and hopefully normal amounts of sleep (newborn dependent).
  • 2016 has been a whirlwind of sorts and I’m excited for 2017 as a new normal will set in!

On the business side of things… WOW! There is no way I can fully express my gratitude for all of you. God blessed me with so many amazing clients and new friendships (clients and fellow small business owners) this year that I am so so so grateful. (THANK YOU!!!) Not one of you is taken for granted. promise.

As an artist I know who I am and what I do will be ever changing, it just goes along with our normal human growth and its been a challenge of mine for 2016 to do it in an intentional way. I don’t want to miss anything. A dear friend of mine told me once that I shouldn’t worry about what will become of my photography (and all the things I had/was dreaming of) when my daughter was born. “Just have your daughter and the rest will come” she said. and she was so right. I changed… how I view things, understand thing, feelings toward persons/things, my hopes and dreams and what I wanted for my business — all of it. It’s been a good learning this year – 2016 – and even though the learning came in both positive and negative ways I wouldn’t change any of it, its now a part of who I am and what makes me an artist.

I have lots of exciting plans and ventures that I want to bring to all of you for this upcoming year! 2017 here we come!! And speaking of exciting plans – here’s one for you who actually took the time to read this blog post: Book any session with me before February 15th 2017 and get it for 25% off!!! (including weddings!) Just copy and paste this: “25% off coupon from the blog”  in the subject line and we’ll put it on the books! eeeeeep!!

So without further ado, here’s all of you wonderful people in my 2016 recap!

| all the beautiful families and baby loving’ |

| couples in love <3 |

| the most beautiful seniors |

| commercial sessions for Standard of Grace Shop! |
Lots of big oxox’s for all of you!

And Happy New Year!!



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