Trever & Samantha’s Wedding! {Part two}

If you missed the first part you can see it HERE!


I LOVED the decor for the reception! Samantha’s mom took the time to thrift and scavenge for all the one-of-a-kind candle sticks and vases and grew many different kinds of succulents. As party favors, all the guests were able to take the table pieces home! Loved that idea! She did such an amazing job!

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 The ceremony was unlike any I have ever been to. Abby, Samantha’s sister chose to be the minister instead of being the maid-of-honor and she did a phenomenal job. She definitely had to choke back the tears, but lets face it, most of us did. Then when Samantha and Trever said their vows to Taylor everyone cried again. Gosh, it was so sweet!



 And lastly, the reception! So fun!! (I was seriously missing my awesome hubby/dance-partner =D)
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IMG_3149 1Venue – Blackwell Hotel // Hair – The Hairdresser // Flowers – Hansen’s Floral // DJ – Complete Music Video // Caterer – Satay // Rentals – Event Rentals Spokane // Deserts – Pastry and More // Violinests – Terry & Gerald Fairchild // Bridal gown – Anthropology Bridal // Make up – Laura // Decor – DYI (by mother of the bride)


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