The Plett Family!

My beautiful cousin Jaylene and her family came to visit us last month! I was so eager to do family photos for them that when she asked, I had already been planning to do them… hehe 🙂

I finally got to meet their darling daughter and she’s such a cutie! She baby babbled so much that now Rowen seems to have found her voice too, haha 🙂 I love it!

It is such a blessing to see people you grew up with turn into moms and dads. Jay, motherhood looks so good on you! I loved all our conversations and learning from you. I’ll treasure this time always.

Enjoy! (there are a lot of photos!)

IMG_3700b&w copyIMG_3582 copyIMG_3585IMG_3589 copyIMG_3599IMG_3602 copyIMG_3607IMG_3610b&wIMG_3612IMG_3613IMG_3618IMG_3626 copyIMG_3631IMG_3633IMG_3638IMG_3640 copyIMG_3643IMG_3649IMG_3653 copyIMG_3665IMG_3671IMG_3672IMG_3677IMG_3678IMG_3686IMG_3697IMG_3707IMG_3719 copyIMG_3735IMG_3740IMG_3743b&wIMG_3757IMG_3750IMG_3754IMG_3755b&wIMG_3764IMG_3768IMG_3774IMG_3782IMG_3785IMG_3787IMG_3789 copyIMG_3794

I can’t get enough of this little cutie!!IMG_3800IMG_3804b&wIMG_3811 copyIMG_3813

From early on, Jaylene has been a baby wearing momma. She loves her wraps and so does baby! She’s spent hours carrying baby girl and wanted to make sure I got a few photos of them together like this as it is real near and dear to her momma heart. IMG_3825IMG_3830IMG_3832IMG_3835IMG_3838IMG_3843IMG_3847 copyIMG_3853“I’m done with that camera in my face!”IMG_3855IMG_3858

 Love you!


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