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Wanda & Randal

They were the first wedding I ever did, five years ago. Their love is still strong as ever, and I love watching their interactions through my lens. He holds her so gently and sweetly and I just watch her fall in love with him over and over again. It’s so precious to me.

Wanda asked me to take some anniversary photos when she found out I was coming to visit so we met up on a gorgeous summer-ish evening, grabbed a quilt and some brownies and off we went!

0IMG_0924b&w0IMG_09170IMG_09310IMG_09380IMG_09430IMG_09660IMG_0973b&w0IMG_09860IMG_09920IMG_10040IMG_1007b&w0IMG_1013b&w0IMG_10280IMG_10300IMG_10420IMG_1043b0IMG_1045b&w0IMG_10500IMG_1057b0IMG_1063b&w0IMG_10740IMG_10830IMG_11000IMG_11010IMG_11090IMG_1111b&w0IMG_1118b&w0IMG_1159b&wb0IMG_11360IMG_11540IMG_1155Stay tuned for their mini family session coming up soon!


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Hi all! Here I share my images, thoughts and tid-bits of my life! I love quiet mornings, the smells of summer and flowers have stolen a part of my heart; I have so many nicknames for my babies--smoochie and smoochie-roochie being two of them and I am a BIG FAN of chocolate (not the candy-bar kind--but the snob-ish darker richer kind, haha) Thanks for stopping by!