Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise? Yes, sunrise. Eaaarly in the morning we headed out to find the sun peaking through the mountains and trees. A session like this was only possible if the sun showed itself — and at first the fog hung heavy and it hid its first glimpses. A short while later it started to peak through the trees and we spend the latter half of the session searching and finding that streaming glorious golden light. It was so beautiful. The early light is like a breath of fresh air that fills your nostrils and brings refreshment into your waking senses.

Who doesn’t want to sip coffee in the sun’s first rays all cuddled up in warm blankets and love? Breanna and Jim did just that! They were totally up for whatever we threw their way — like waking up before the sun rose! They have big hearts and big smiles and they’re heading to Burma as missionaries in December! We wish them all the best and blessings upon blessings as they make their way there. I love this session so much and hope you all do to!

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Stylist: Melanie Beilner!

Location: Lake Padden


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