June – Project 365

Its July 1st and I have June’s month ready for ya! woo!

June was great! We’ve did lots of out-doorsy things like hiking and picnics and walks but also have stayed inside a lot due to the immense heat and no AC in the car – I feel terrible having to put Rowen in that kind of sauna:( We also had some visitors this month –  2 of Jer’s sisters and my cousins came too. It was a real treat!

Here’s June in a nut-shell!


pedicures with mom and sis//sunset//silly uncle!//mom’s cookies//picnic//outside with daddy//my wedding date//dinner with friends//sunset//chomping on hands//hiking champ//awesome daddy//cuddles/auntie Janah!//auntie Michelle!//first beach day//together//my loves//stories with dadda//ponytail!//balcony//toes in water//dancing eyes//morning dad!//fast asleep//oh my heart!//insanityMAX30//bath time!//hiking with Steven & Jaylene and Alayna// cousins&baby love!

Oh and Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians!



Curwin {HS Senior Photographer}

This guy– my little brother. All grown up and graduating high school, how time has flown.

I remember him in diapers, calling me momma, following me around like a little puppy. We full-on wrestled for years, played every possible sport in the living room, jumped off barn roofs, had mud fights, caught and released animals, and had the best time together. Now he pays me back for all the times I scared the pants off of him, I let my hubby wrestle him instead of me, and he makes me laugh with his witty dry humor. We talk about life, love and everything in between, and have always had a great relationship even though we are far away now. Love you always:)


and just because…




May – Project 365

I spend the majority of May in Canada with my family! It was a wonderful trip and I was able to catch up with so many people and introduce them to Rowen. She loved bath time with Nana, piano playing with auntie sing-song, and snuggles with her uncles. Grandpa was particularly silly which she found to be quite interesting… haha. She however didn’t like big crowds and starting playing shy with some people. She grew up so much in the 3+ weeks that we were there. She started kicking and splashing in the baby tub and if you hold her hands and pull up, she comes up holding her head straight into a standing position! Silly girl doesn’t think she’s a baby anymore, haha:)

Anyway, here’s May!

may collage

tummy time// evening light// standing//story time with dadda//2 months!//sunset//baby shower for Amy!// meeting auntie Meshel!// a month of overstimulation// it’s good to be back!// coffee date// our first post-baby, without baby date!// cousin love// girls night//oh my heart// bath time with Nana// silly LaRay//3 generations of Lena// new braid// post bath snuggles with daddy// great-grandma// entertaining bath time!// snow in May?!// daddy love// Nana & Row// At the Paetzold farm!// being serenaded by uncle Jay!// Piano with auntie// oh grandpa// first time at Austin Land of Dreams!




My sweet sister! She graced my camera with her beautiful presence during my last visit! I love the way she loves her little niece and her new nickname is now “auntie sing-song” because she sings song after song after song to little Row and it brings so much joy to my momma-heart. They will have an the sweetest bond I’m sure.:)

And I have to include a few with Rowen! Love you sweet sis! oxox


Emily - 06/12/2015 - 10:34 pm

Absolutely stunning!!!!! Fern, you are beautiful !!! Great job Cor! I so wish you lived closer. I’d love to have you do our family photos again!

Fern - 06/13/2015 - 8:48 am

Thanks Cor. Love you! Oxox