Trever & Samantha’s Wedding! {Part two}

If you missed the first part you can see it HERE!

I LOVED the decor for the reception! Samantha’s mom took the time to thrift and scavenge for all the one-of-a-kind candle sticks and vases and grew many different kinds of succulents. As party favors, all the guests were able to take the table pieces home! Loved that idea! She did such an amazing job!

IMG_2312IMG_2314IMG_3124IMG_3104IMG_3121IMG_2388 copy


 The ceremony was unlike any I have ever been to. Abby, Samantha’s sister chose to be the minister instead of being the maid-of-honor and she did a phenomenal job. She definitely had to choke back the tears, but lets face it, most of us did. Then when Samantha and Trever said their vows to Taylor everyone cried again. Gosh, it was so sweet!



 And lastly, the reception! So fun!! (I was seriously missing my awesome hubby/dance-partner =D)
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IMG_3149 1Venue – Blackwell Hotel // Hair – The Hairdresser // Flowers – Hansen’s Floral // DJ – Complete Music Video // Caterer – Satay // Rentals – Event Rentals Spokane // Deserts – Pastry and More // Violinests – Terry & Gerald Fairchild // Bridal gown – Anthropology Bridal // Make up – Laura // Decor – DYI (by mother of the bride)



Ma Family!

Happy Monday Friends!

This family is all kinds of beautiful! I had the pleasure of being in their home two years ago helping mama out when the twins were little, oh how they’ve grown! I’ve learned so much from Bethal as a mom and I treasure the time I got to spend with them. They live far away now but I love the moments were we get to catch up:) Enjoy!




Mickels Family!

My beautiful friend and her beautiful new family <3

Their precious little girl (with the cutest dimples and adorable red hair!) is 20 days younger than Rowen and we had such a good time having the girls “meet” for the first time on our last trip to Bellingham; even though they’ve been around each other before they were born many times 😉





Styled by my dear friend Melanie!



Katie & Ryan’s Engagement Session!

I am addicted to light and magic. I saw fireflies for the first time in a dark field on a small island in east Thailand. I cried. I’ve been obsessed with the sparkles that came out of the fairy godmother’s wand in cinderella for years. in fact my obsession with light is what ultimately led me to the eiffel tower, where my fiance proposed.” Katie wrote this to me in her first email. I remember feeling the excitement build as I read – I was so hooked. She has a thing for light just like I do and I’m so excited to shoot her wedding next month; I know it will be soooo beautiful!

Unfortunately the weekend when we took their photos was a typical rainy dreary day in Seattle and we didn’t get the golden hour light like we had hoped, but non-the-less, their love is true and real and despite the weather we had a wonderful time!

We started at Starbucks were they had their first date! and we walked around Pike Place and other areas downtown Seattle for the first part of our session!

So without further ado, here are their engagement photos:)


Then headed to the beautiful Woodinville Lavender fields! Its so beautiful there:)I wish we could have stayed longer and picked some lavender too!



July – 365 Project

July is over already? whaaaat?? This summer is flying by at a ridiculous rate. I find myself looking forward to the days I have at home…doing nothing. We’ve been gone so much and done so much traveling – thankfully Rowen adjusts quickly, she’s been quite the traveller!

This past month we took our first trip back to Bellingham to see all our friends and family and for many of them to finally meet Rowen. Enjoy!!

july collage

Oh Canada//out our window//new ring//happy birthday ‘Merica//chair project//table flowers//grandma reads//all the cousins//Rowen meets the Prouty’s//Visiting the Bodrugs!//on the Peninsula for a wedding//ferry ride//5 siblings//chiang twins!//hike with auntie Michelle//Rowen&Cora playdate//hellooo Dan!//silly grandpa!//sterling meets Rowen//Happy Birthday Gigi!//swimming with dadda//tired, sleepy and drooling//high school friends//sunset love//exploring with daddy//she loves the outdoors//watching kids at the park//weeeeee!//goodmorning//cool kids!