Danika – Senior Session

Meet the beautiful Danika!

I knew from the moment I met her that she’s one of those gals with a heart of gold. Radiant shining gold.

Danika 004-4Danika 026-26bDanika 006-6-4

We arrived at the beautiful Hovander Park and chased the sun all evening long! She was a little nervous to start but totally warmed up in no time. (I love it when my clients don’t think they’re photogenic and I get to show them that the camera loves them!) Danika, you’re a natural and I enjoyed spending the evening with you!

Danika 014-14-9Danika 020-20Danika 050-50-34b

Danika 005-5

Danika 049-49-33Danika 061-61-39

Danika 044-44Danika 071-71Danika 114-114

Danika 111-111Danika 153-153

I wish you all the best Danika and I know you will do well wherever you end up! Enjoy your last year of High School!



We have news!

On a personal but no longer secretive note, Hubby and I are expecting our first little babe!  Today makes 15 weeks we’ve been blessed with our tiny sweetheart:)

I’ve been pregnant all summer so that is definitely part of the reason I’ve been slacking in the photo taking deparment… well, it’s at least very evident in my 365 project;) I haven’t been that sick (thankfully!), but I’m tired alllll the time.

While we were back in Canada for our annual family camp I asked my very talented aunt to take a few “announcement” photos for us. I was pretty much bursting at the seams wanting to make it public already! So before I start going into all the weird and cool and odd parts about being pregnant, here are some of our photos!


Thank you Rosie!


Rosie - 09/13/2014 - 8:47 am

You guys are pretty cute!! ;)

Cousin Best Friends

Meet the beautiful Sharilyn, Janelle, Ellery and Rachelle!

famcamp2014 365-18

These girls were all born within a year of each other and have grown up being a very close foursome since!

Janelle happened to move away with her family 7 years ago so when her family decided to move back it was a very big celebration! You should have heard these girls laugh! It was so much fun catching their conversations and excitement of being together in my lens! The sun was glorious (eventually:) and we raced and danced and jumped through the fields of the gorgeous Austin Land of Dreams.

I love you girls. You are all so beautiful inside and out and I’m proud to be one of your older cousins!

famcamp2014 367-20famcamp2014 424-77famcamp2014 369-22famcamp2014 370-23famcamp2014 371-24famcamp2014 411-64famcamp2014 414-67famcamp2014 419-72famcamp2014 422-75famcamp2014 427-80famcamp2014 442-95famcamp2014 487-140famcamp2014 445-98famcamp2014 448-101famcamp2014 449-102famcamp2014 489-142famcamp2014 498-151famcamp2014 503-156

famcamp2014 396-49


Nancy - 09/12/2014 - 9:30 am

Beautiful!! Love them :)

August – Project 365

Annnnd the summer flew by. wow! It’s the middle of September and the number of photo sessions to edit are piled up! August was another busy month; I’m actually looking forward to a routine again:) We learned to swing dance, played in the sunshine, caught a baby bunny (more like rescued it from Penny the dog;) and much more! Here are a few favorites:




July – Project 365

Good morning my friends! July was a hot hot month here in the PNW, so hot that this lush green damp area of the world is dry and cracking. I found myself lacking in the picture taking department with all the busyness and laziness the summer brought in (sorry!). Then in the middle of the month my precious grandma suffered a massive aneurysm and changed our lives as we knew it. Its taken a major toll on my family (prayers are welcomed) and seeing her in the hospital is heart wrenching. She is recovering now, but its a very slow sometimes-painful process.

Life is slowly going on and through it all, I am encouraged to lean on our beloved Lord and know that He is in full control. So with that, here’s July: and happy August!

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