A Late Summer’s Eve

Meet the lovely cousins, Caitie, Brooklyn, Kenadi and Katrin!!


We met up on a lovely late summer evening a few weeks back – Catie’s mom had contacted me earlier about doing a creative session with her daughter and cousins.  So on this particular evening, the sun was out and we had a wonderful glorious session! The girls put together the sheet draped tent, laughed and giggled together, and combed the beach for shells, sand and some berries near the water. We set up a little seaside picnic with crackers and cheese, fruit and drank ginger ale from glass bottles while sitting on comfy pillows! They raced along the beach flower crowns in hair and quilt in hand; and I got to witness their amazing bond that you get with family turned friends!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this session! (There are lots of favorites!)




We ended the session with some portraits as the sun set behind us, putting a soft glow on their cheeks!

Girls, you were such a pleasure and joy to shoot! Caitie – you’re so beautiful, AND photogenic. Don’t ever forget that! I love the way you and Brooklyn care and love on your younger cousins. It’s such a blessing! Brooklyn – you have a beautiful heart of gold, I can tell:) Kenadi – you’re a natural in front of the camera! I love your radiant smile! Katrin – I hope you never lose your giggle! You’re the cutest. Don’t grow up too fast!



306-306I hope we meet up again soon!


Location: Semiahmoo Beach

Stylist: Melanie Beilner

Melanie Beilner - 10/09/2014 - 4:50 pm

So So Beautiful!!! The flower crowns were one of the best props!

Caitie - 10/10/2014 - 5:08 pm

These are amazing! thank you so much!!

Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise? Yes, sunrise. Eaaarly in the morning we headed out to find the sun peaking through the mountains and trees. A session like this was only possible if the sun showed itself — and at first the fog hung heavy and it hid its first glimpses. A short while later it started to peak through the trees and we spend the latter half of the session searching and finding that streaming glorious golden light. It was so beautiful. The early light is like a breath of fresh air that fills your nostrils and brings refreshment into your waking senses.

Who doesn’t want to sip coffee in the sun’s first rays all cuddled up in warm blankets and love? Breanna and Jim did just that! They were totally up for whatever we threw their way — like waking up before the sun rose! They have big hearts and big smiles and they’re heading to Burma as missionaries in December! We wish them all the best and blessings upon blessings as they make their way there. I love this session so much and hope you all do to!

sunrisecoffee 028-28sunrisecoffee 013-13sunrisecoffee 018-18sunrisecoffee 022-22sunrisecoffee 038-38sunrisecoffee 050-50sunrisecoffee 055-55sunrisecoffee 045-45sunrisecoffee 080-80sunrisecoffee 084-84sunrisecoffee 088-88sunrisecoffee 121-121sunrisecoffee 124-124sunrisecoffee 128-128

sunrisecoffee 140-140sunrisecoffee 138-138sunrisecoffee 145-145sunrisecoffee 150-150-22sunrisecoffee 158-158sunrisecoffee 168-168sunrisecoffee 175-175sunrisecoffee 173-173sunrisecoffee 181-181sunrisecoffee 176-176sunrisecoffee 219-219-29sunrisecoffee 229-229sunrisecoffee 271-271sunrisecoffee 226-226800

Stylist: Melanie Beilner!

Location: Lake Padden


Melanie Beilner - 10/02/2014 - 1:07 pm

This was such a gorgeous session Corlana! Here’s to many more sunrise sessions!!!

Rosie - 10/02/2014 - 1:10 pm

Pretty awesome session Missy!! Love the reflection in coffee shot :)

Renae - 10/02/2014 - 3:26 pm

This shoot is perfect!! Dying over here!

Rachel Tara - 10/08/2014 - 10:22 pm

What a beautiful sunrise! You captured it all beautifully!!

Dueck Family!

famcamp2014 014-6

Meet my lovely aunt and uncle and their beautiful beautiful girlies!

They’re a Jesus loving, free frolicking, horse whispering, baby cuddling, child swinging, sunshine chasing kind-of family. How I love them so!

Dad is my pops youngest brother and I love seeing him with the girls and how much joy he gets from his little ones. He’s so great! Momma is that kind of big sister, the one you can come to with anything and she always knows what to say. She is so gentle and kind but wild and free at the same time. She’s a little crazy, which I LOVE and is adventurous/competitive/a little stubborn and perfect for playing any kind of game/activity with. (I love you!). She is just so.much.fun.  And the girls, well, let me tell you, it’s like watching me and my sister when we were younger; so many similarities and yet so many differences;) I can always count on big bear hugs when I come back to visit their family!

We all loaded up in grandma and grandpa’s Kubota (UTV) and headed out to the fields, baking in the late summer sun, at the oh-so-popular Austin Land of Dreams:)We ran through the fields laughing and giggling, holding hands, and loving on the horses. Daisy is most pictured as she is their own and by far the favorite among the girls. The sun set much faster than expected but boy did our wonderful Creator put on a show for us! Even when the sun was set, all sorts of colors were left in the painted sky. So grab a hot drink and get cozy, I have lots of favorites!

famcamp2014 029-21famcamp2014 030-22-17famcamp2014 043-35famcamp2014 015-7famcamp2014 033-25-20famcamp2014 041-33famcamp2014 049-41famcamp2014 057-49famcamp2014 059-51famcamp2014 061-53famcamp2014 070-62famcamp2014 071-63famcamp2014 072-64-608-31famcamp2014 074-66-63famcamp2014 079-71famcamp2014 091-83famcamp2014 095-87famcamp2014 132-124famcamp2014 097-89famcamp2014 103-95famcamp2014 116-108-96famcamp2014 117-109famcamp2014 137-129-114famcamp2014 140-132famcamp2014 153-145famcamp2014 143-135

famcamp2014 144-136famcamp2014 148-140famcamp2014 149-141-131famcamp2014 134-126famcamp2014 154-146famcamp2014 157-149famcamp2014 194-186famcamp2014 165-157famcamp2014 187-179famcamp2014 138-130

famcamp2014 199-191famcamp2014 166-158famcamp2014 184-176

How I long to be sitting on their couch chattin’ away on a summer evening. I miss them so!


Jacqueline D. - 09/25/2014 - 2:18 pm

These are gorgeous! I love everyone of them! Just the little times that I get to spend time with them, I enjoy!

Dora - 09/25/2014 - 6:53 pm

These are AWESOME pictures!!! I really love these dear people too and am proud to call the mommy my sister!!

Wilma - 09/26/2014 - 9:12 am

These are very beautiful pics!!!

Lena dueck - 09/28/2014 - 5:18 pm

Love, love these pictures. Cor I’m so impressed.

Danika – Senior Session

Meet the beautiful Danika!

I knew from the moment I met her that she’s one of those gals with a heart of gold. Radiant shining gold.

Danika 004-4Danika 026-26bDanika 006-6-4

We arrived at the beautiful Hovander Park and chased the sun all evening long! She was a little nervous to start but totally warmed up in no time. (I love it when my clients don’t think they’re photogenic and I get to show them that the camera loves them!) Danika, you’re a natural and I enjoyed spending the evening with you!

Danika 014-14-9Danika 020-20Danika 050-50-34b

Danika 005-5

Danika 049-49-33Danika 061-61-39

Danika 044-44Danika 071-71Danika 114-114

Danika 111-111Danika 153-153

I wish you all the best Danika and I know you will do well wherever you end up! Enjoy your last year of High School!



We have news!

On a personal but no longer secretive note, Hubby and I are expecting our first little babe!  Today makes 15 weeks we’ve been blessed with our tiny sweetheart:)

I’ve been pregnant all summer so that is definitely part of the reason I’ve been slacking in the photo taking deparment… well, it’s at least very evident in my 365 project;) I haven’t been that sick (thankfully!), but I’m tired alllll the time.

While we were back in Canada for our annual family camp I asked my very talented aunt to take a few “announcement” photos for us. I was pretty much bursting at the seams wanting to make it public already! So before I start going into all the weird and cool and odd parts about being pregnant, here are some of our photos!


Thank you Rosie!


Rosie - 09/13/2014 - 8:47 am

You guys are pretty cute!! ;)

Lena dueck - 09/28/2014 - 5:23 pm

Yay!!! Love the pictures!