Baby Mullavey

Is it odd to share photos of myself on my own blog? I’m not sure – but either way, I want to show you my precious baby girl (still in the womb) and the bump she has given me:)A big thank you to my sweet and super talented auntie Rosie for capturing these photos for us! {simplyrosie photography}


IMG_5668 copyIMG_5684



Emily - 01/24/2015 - 3:07 pm

Oh my! You’re so adorable! Love the ‘bump’ !

Hilary - 01/24/2015 - 3:47 pm

Absolutely beautiful!

Jewel & Connor Married! – Part two!

Happy Monday!

Today I have the second half of Jewel and Connor’s gorgeous wedding up to share with you! Be sure to check out part one if you missed it!

Conner&Jewel 600-45Conner&Jewel 562-17Conner&Jewel 604-49Conner&Jewel 617-58Conner&Jewel 623-63Conner&Jewel 647-84Conner&Jewel 652-89Conner&Jewel 656-93jc 042-133jc 032-124jc 048-135

The beautiful bride and groom!

jc 073-9

jc 061-1jc 083-18jc 089-23jc 123-52

jc 075-11jc 097-31jc 099-33jc 128-57jc 122-51jc 139-68jc 146-73jc 148-75jc 103-36

The reception was a dream! You walk up the stairs into a barn loft that is is twinkling with lights, chandeliers hung from the ceiling, beautiful centerpieces were on each table and the atmosphere was so so pleasant. Such a rustic romantic feel. We ate some yummy tacos – (bride and groom have a knack for mexican food!), and Jewel & Connor prepared a trail mix bar as party favors for their guests – YUM! Sweet words were shared, tears were shed and blessings were given. Then all the guests line-danced the night away!

jc 181-26jc 163-12-9jc 230-11-2jc 160-9jc 176-22-19jc 211-42jc 325-74-2bjc 256-29-2jc 299-56-2jc 328-77-2jc 333-82-2

jc 363-104-2jc 362-103

Thank-you Jewel and Connor for letting me be part of your special day! Every aspect was so lovely and beautiful. You are both loved (and missed!) and I pray a multitude of blessings on your marriage!



Jewel & Connor Married!

This summer I had the privilege to shoot my cousin’s wedding with my uncle and aunt [simplyrosie photography] and I’m so happy to get to share part one with you today!

Jewel and Connor’s wedding was breathtaking! From the bride and groom themselves to the twinkling lights in the barn loft (which will be in part two!). We spent the morning at Jewel’s house getting all the lovely ladies ready. I also got to help with hairstyling some of the bridesmaids! (Something I also love to do!;)The girls chatted, laughed, and ooohed and aahhhed at each other, especially when Jewel finally put her dress on. Everyone was so helpful and talented and a pleasure to spend time with!

Conner&Jewel 030-16Conner&Jewel 007-2Conner&Jewel 017-9Conner&Jewel 081-51Conner&Jewel 083-53Conner&Jewel 117-79Conner&Jewel 107-70Conner&Jewel 113-76

 Connor and Jewel arranged that they wouldn’t see each other before Jewel walked down the aisle so we did a little session with the ladies while my uncle was with the men before the ceremony. It was soo lovely!!

Conner&Jewel 130-6Conner&Jewel 139-11Conner&Jewel 152-23Conner&Jewel 162-28Conner&Jewel 179-42Conner&Jewel 193-55Conner&Jewel 196-57Conner&Jewel 202-63

Conner&Jewel 235-82Conner&Jewel 258-98

Conner&Jewel 288-126

Conner&Jewel 281-119

Conner&Jewel 296-133


Conner&Jewel 299-136

Conner&Jewel 242-86Conner&Jewel 226-77

Conner&Jewel 276-114

Conner&Jewel 312-148Conner&Jewel 313-149

Conner&Jewel 308-144Conner&Jewel 311-147

The ceremony was so sweet! My lens fogged up a few times and I LOVED watching Connor’s face light up (and get a little teary-eyed) when he saw his bride. Jewel too, completely smitten was a joy to photograph! (Especially when she gave her vows;)) It was a very joyous occasion!

Conner&Jewel 320-3Conner&Jewel 330-11Conner&Jewel 363-31Conner&Jewel 336-16Conner&Jewel 457-101Conner&Jewel 400-60Conner&Jewel 447-96Conner&Jewel 427-80Conner&Jewel 465-106Conner&Jewel 470-110Conner&Jewel 477-112Conner&Jewel 419-72Conner&Jewel 426-79Conner&Jewel 491-122Conner&Jewel 505-134Conner&Jewel 511-140

Stay tuned for part two!!

See engagement session HERE



Emily Klassen - 01/14/2015 - 11:24 pm

I wish I could have been there;(
You did an amazing job Cor. The pictures are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie Beilner - 01/16/2015 - 12:07 am

loved seeing all your new blog posts and pics; completely blown away by all the beauty and the talent you have at capturing precious moments. Blessings!

December – Project 365

I know we are well into the new year but I just have to finish my 2014 project!

December was all kinds of crazy. I had to say good-bye to my precious nanny babies, (tear*) I had my baby shower, and packed up the house and moved across the state. Oh and we went to California for 10 days in the midst of it all. Phew! (I’m also in my third trimester so everything is more tiring;)

Currently I’m sitting in our new place, enjoying all the little things about having our own place and getting my nesting on. (like seriously.)

Here’s the last blog post for project 365 2014!! Thanks for following along:)

IMG_9181IMG_9163IMG_9188IMG_9191IMG_9204IMG_9207IMG_9226IMG_9251IMG_9256IMG_9293IMG_9307IMG_9257IMG_9334IMG_9346IMG_9379IMG_9388IMG_9406IMG_9446IMG_9479IMG_9498IMG_9501IMG_9520IMG_9516IMG_9508Midst our move across the state I forgot to start my new 365 project on time:(But I’m catching up!

Stay tuned for Project 354 2015!!



Happy New Years!!

Yes, I know its a little late, but better late than never right?!!

Here’s a little recap from an amazing year! I just want to thank you all for your love and support, you guys ROCK! I feel so blessed to call you my clients!

 Mickel Wedding / I Wear my Sari with Jeans / VanEenoo’s / Prairie Blossom Boutique/ Jewel & Connor / Baby Kinsley / Wildflowers Reunion / Cousins at the beach! / Patterson Wedding / Danika / I Wear my Sari with Jeans / In the Garden / Sarah’s flowers / Four Cousins Jesse & Meagan / Sunrise Coffee / Beach Picnic / Prairie Blossom Boutique / Our news! / Franco Wedding / 365 Project / Ben & Aileen / 8th Grade Graduation / Prouty Sisters

Here’s to another year to love, learn and grow!


Jenn V - 01/10/2015 - 7:13 pm

congrats on so many great photoshoots this year! I’m glad I was one of your clients! I guess I might need an update this summer with #2 coming. :)